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GFL’s many years of involvement in recycling associations, ASTM and widespread networking within the industry has enabled us to conduct extensive research, testing and experimentation on an array of processes, equipment, chemicals and resources - These comprehensive efforts have given us extensive knowledge in the available systems and methods for processing/manufacturing coolants.  That industry knowledge, combined with our attention to detail and total commitment to quality has driven us to create a remarkably robust and consistent manufacturing process.  Above and beyond the industry standard for processing coolant, GFL includes processes designed to pre-treat the waste coolant mechanically to remove most of the impurities before it is processed in our state-of-the-art vacuum distillation systems.  It is our humble opinion that the cleaner the product going in, the more pristine the product coming out. This systematic and detailed process, combined with constant computerized monitoring of the product and processes ensures that the coolant consistently meets the highest quality standards - yet our business model allows us to still remain COMPETITIVELY PRICED.  GFL’s bulk delivery business model eliminates the associated packaging costs - these savings are then passed along to the customers.

All Ecofreez Premium Recycled Coolant products are pre-mixed 50/50 (actually it’s 53/47) with ethylene glycol and deionized water for ease of use, optimum performance and to eliminate shrinkage associated with field mixing of tap water with 100% ethylene glycol.

GFL’s cutting edge manufacturing process brings the coolant to a premium quality level that meets all relevant OEM and ASTM standards for recycled coolant grade ethylene glycol:

  • The used coolant is initially treated in our pre-treatment processing tank, and it then goes through our mechanical filtration pre-treatment process.
  • The coolant is then brought to like-virgin grade quality using our state of the art vacuum distillation systems, which virtually extracts the clean ethylene glycol and distilled water from the product.
  • The product is blended to a 50/50 (actually it’s 53/47) mix of ethylene glycol and deionized water this solution goes through a final polishing/filtering process to ensure that the blend meets specifications chemically and visually.

Ecofreez Premium Recycled Coolants are carefully blended to ensure both visual and chemical properties meet the newest and most strict ASTM guidelines. We use only the very best additives in every litre of Ecofreez Premium Recycled Coolants to ensure our quality and to meet major manufacturers' specifications.  All Ecofreez products contain BITREX, a bittering agent that discourages pets, humans, and animals from ingesting new coolant, which can be fatal. Please see our Products page for further details.

It's Easy to Do Business With Us!

Call us when you need a quality coolant(s). We will supply premixed Ecofreez Premium Recycled Coolants in Universal, Global, Extended Life, Heavy Duty / Diesel Extended Life.

We recycle your used coolants and eliminate your used coolants potential disposal costs.

You can rest easy — GFL provides prompt service to deliver top quality products and also ends the liability exposure on your used antifreeze products.

We have no agreements to sign and no machines to buy or maintain.

  • Zero to little start up cost.
  • No hidden costs.
  • Just high quality recycled coolants and dependable service.
  • All you pay for are the litres of antifreeze delivered.
  • Available in 3.78L, select 20L product sizes, 205L, tote and bulk package sizes.