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GFL’S extensive industry knowledge, attention to detail and total commitment to quality have driven us to create an exceptionally robust and consistent manufacturing process. Extra processes are utilized and our product is consistently monitored to ensure that the coolant always meets the highest quality standards – yet we still remain COMPETITIVELY PRICED.  Our business model and the bulk delivery systems eliminate packaging costs. These savings are passed along to our customers.

  • All Ecofreez Premium Recycled Coolants products are pre-mixed 50/50 with ethylene glycol and deionized water for ease of use, optimum performance and to eliminate shrinkage.  They also contain Bitrex, a bittering agent for safety.
  • All products perform to major OEM and ASTM specifications so you can rest assured that you are putting top performing products in your vehicles.
  • It is easy to do business with GFL:
  • Use your drums/totes/tanks and pumps, or we have them available.
  • We fill your containers and you pay for the litres received – we will remove your used coolant at no cost.
  • When you call GFL you get a person not voice mail and deliveries are normally made within 24 to 72 hours of a call in.

product-barrel2 EF-group-shot-small

3.78L, select 20L pails, 205 litre drums & a wide variety of larger totes and tanks available.

GFL offers a full range of various package sizes from 3.78L jugs to drums, tanks and totes to meet your individual requirements.


Hand and powered pumps and gravity feed systems available for drums and totes compatible for coolant use.

Testing your coolant:

product-testerA refractometer is the most accurate tool to test freeze point of coolant in the field. It will accurately show the coolants freeze point and percentage of glycol to water, automatically compensating for variations in temperature.  See/call your GFL Sales Representative to purchase one.

Hydrometers are NOT recommended to test your coolant.  They are simply not that accurate in the best of conditions, and greatly impacted by variations in temperature and impurities.

Environmental Sustainability at M&R Environmental Ltd.

As a “leading edge” recycler of coolants in BC since 2006 and with clients that include major corporations, fleet operators, car dealers, utilities and a wide array of repair and quick lube facilities. We recycle a product that takes a lot of energy to initially produce, and which can be very detrimental to the environment if improperly disposed. GFL’s existing recycling process generates about one fifth of the greenhouse gases generated by producing virgin coolants and then we buy carbon offsets!  We are a truly carbon neutral option.

In 2008 we were pioneers when we installed a distillation process in order to upgrade the quality of our recycled coolants, which now meets or exceeds Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and ASTM specifications.  Vacuum Distillation has allowed GFL to recycle a larger variety of coolant waste streams. It has also allowed GFL to provide a more environmentally friendly high quality alternative to virgin coolants.

GFL has an approved operational plan by the BC Ministry of Environment and has always complied with or exceeded their and OSHA requirements.   As well we are audited by BCUOMA annually.

Do the right thing for the environment by working with GFL Environmental Inc.

We accept all types of used antifreeze and ethylene glycol (no need to separate them):

  • Normal duty (automobiles) and heavy duty (trucks)
  • Conventional formulations and extended life formulas
  • All colors
  • Industrial (please see our notes on sampling and testing)
  • We recommend use of best management practices to limit cross contamination.

We Help:

  • The environment - by processing your coolant in a safe, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility
  • You - by paying a competitive price
  • Below are some guidelines for some of our testing protocol for new clients when we collect your used coolant, but please feel free to call for further details.

Sampling and Testing:

  • GFL may require samples from first time suppliers to be tested for cross contamination.
  • Some contaminants that could render the coolant unacceptable for recycling by GFL:

- Solvents
- Waste glycol from polyester/PET process
- Glycol bottoms
- Gasoline
- Brake Cleaner
- Phosphoric acid
- Carbonates   
- Ammonia
- Carburetor cleaner
- Glycol from medical waste
- Glycol containing HCL (hydrochloric acid)

Some of our additional tests include:

Test Parameter Acceptable Levels
Glycol % / Freeze point 45% Minimum / 29.5C
Oil 1% Maximum
pH 5.0 — 8.0