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Sept 4-10, 2007

M&R Environmental ranked 21st on the Business in Vancouver Top 100 list. Click here for details.

June 1/2007

We are very pleased to announce that Amanda Slater has joined the M&R Environmental team. Her position with M&R will be as an Area Sales Manager, and will be taking care of our customers in an assigned territory the lower mainland. Amanda’s a university graduate with a background is customer service and in sales. Originally from Alberta she moved to the Vancouver area 2 years ago and worked previously for one of the largest premium lubricant company’s in the world before joining M&R.


April 27/2007

March 29/2007

ECO-FREEZ Coolants…. A bitter taste but not at a bitter price!

As many of you already know pets die each year needlessly when they accidentally consume ethylene glycol based coolants. They are attracted to the sweet flavour in the ethylene glycol. While propylene glycol-based coolants are less harmful when they are new, once they have been in the cooling system those benefits diminish considerably. So effective May 1st, M&R Environmental will introduce a ‘bittering agent’ to all of our coolant products (Universal, Heavy Duty, Long Life and Global). While making our coolants taste like c__p and keeping pets from ingesting the coolants, we will still be able to provide quality products that meet the specifications of the auto manufactures that require an ethylene glycol based product(s).

ECO-FREEZ is available in economical 20 litres pails as well as 205 litre drums and in bulk. For further product and pricing information please contact your Area Sales Manager or call 604-876-0506. has been updated recently and provides M&R customers with an opportunity to place classified ads, participate in polls, even check out your ‘carbon footprint’ we are constantly adding new ideas so if you have one let us know.

REFER A FRIEND and make some quick cash! Contact your Area Sales Manager or visit our website for more details.

BCUOMA (British Columbia Used Oil Management Association) changes are in the works. They will be adjusting the RI (return incentive) later this spring/early summer to bring it in line with the EHC (environmental handling charge) and as soon we know you’ll know!

Feb 2007

Mayor Pamela Goldsmith-Jones of West Vancouver Tours the M&R Facility
M&R Environmental had the pleasure of hosting Mayor Pamela Goldsmith-Jones of the District of West Vancouver at our facility in Burnaby, BC. It was important for the Mayor to see first hand the process that M&R deploys when handling waste streams such as waste oil, waste oil filters, plastic containers, waste antifreeze and the production of our premium line of Eco-Freez 50:50 reclaimed coolant products. We would like to thank Mayor Goldsmith-Jones for taking the time to visit M&R Environmental. Mayor Goldsmith-Jones is among several dignitaries who have recently toured the M&R facility and head office. M&R has had the pleasure of having, The Honorable Peter Julian, MP, The Honorable Shane Simpson MLA, Mayor Derek Corrigan of Burnaby and The Honorable Raj Chouhan MLA.

We have launched an exciting new service on our website for the EXCLUSIVE use of our customers. If you’re looking to: sell something…need to hire someone… buy something…or maybe you’re looking for work…you can now post these or look on M&R’s website. Just go to and click on the ‘for sale’ sign in the lower left hand corner, follow the links and you’re all set. You can now post these requests and or search on M&R’s website. If you have any questions and or comments about this service please call Harold at 604-876-0506.

 It has been well over 12 months since we last adjusted the pricing of our antifreeze products. In that time we have experienced dramatic cost increases; in transportation, additives and packaging costs. Because of these facts we have no choice but to increase the ECO-FREEZ Universal, Heavy Duty, Long Life, Global products by an average of 9% effective September 1st 2006:

  • Universal (bulk or drum) will be adjusted to: $1.00/L
  • Heavy Duty, Long Life, Global (bulk or drum) will be adjusted to: $1.20/L
  • Global and Long Life 20 litre pail pricing will be adjusted to: $37.00 per pail

Please know that everyone at M&R appreciates your continued support and that we don’t take this action lightly, but have only done so after exhausting all other avenues without compromising our product quality…

M&R will no longer be collecting used tires. We really tried to make a difference by not ‘high grading’ the casings and not go into competition with our customers, unfortunately given the current market conditions coupled with the lack of a open market with the current monopoly we couldn’t continue any longer. No one is more upset about this turn of events than the people at M&R. To the hundreds of M&R customers’ who tried with us, thank you!

M&R Environmental’s 10th truck hits the streets…
There is a new truck in the M&R fleet and it is a ‘one of a kind’. The newest M&R truck has been developed to maximize our service levels to our customers; this truck is designed with 5 compartments on board. One of them is designed to collect our customers used antifreeze and the others are designed to deliver, with a bulk meter ticket our ECO-FREEZ Universal, Heavy Duty, Long Life and Global products…

Using ECO-FREEZ coolants is a great way to save money while never compromising on your coolant quality. M&R uses a state of the art vacuum distillation process; in fact we are the only local company to do so. If you’d like more information regarding our used antifreeze collection service and our ECO-FREEZ product line up then give us a call at 604-876-0506

$70.00 USED ANTIFREEZE COLLECTION SERVICE CHARGE SUSPENDED M&R Environmental is pleased to announce that our $70.00 collection charge on 205/L drums of used antifreeze will be suspended effective May 1st 2006. The overwhelming response to the launch of the ECO-FREEZ product line has created a critical need for additional ‘feedstock’. The vacuum distillation process utilized by M&R has delivered a very high quality product at an aggressive price and has been welcomed widely in the market.

ADDITIONAL ECO-FREEZ PRODUCT SIZES ARE NOW AVAILABLE Available to all M&R customers immediately are 20L pails of ECO-FREEZ Global and Long Life 50/50 coolant products for just $36.00 per pail. Tested to minus 40C, all ECO-FREEZ products meet major OE specifications at prices well below concentrated coolants. Lower dollars tied up in inventory equals higher profits for M&R customers.

ECO-FREEZ BULK TANKER TRUCK In a few weeks M&R will be adding our 10th truck to our fleet; a dedicated bulk tanker truck that will be able to collect used antifreeze and deliver all ECO-FREEZ products in bulk. This will be a one of a kind custom built tanker that will be able to make the collection and delivery faster and more convenient for our valued customers.

20kg PAILS OF FLOOR SOAP In response to our customer’s feedback we now have biodegradable floor soap in 20kg (20L pail) container sizes for just $60.00 per pail. Now M&R customers won’t have to tie up valuable cash flow in kegs of floor soap! ORDER SOME TODAY!

604-876-0506 *M&R reserves the right to adjust or amend its programs and or pricing with reasonable notice.